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Junior Mentors

We are dedicated to inspiring todays youth with our leadership and personal development programmes. Our variety of programmes are all designed around nurturing, motivating and encouraging new talent.

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The Junior Mentor programme is a fun, holistic training programme, designed to help young people discover and develop their hidden, unique potential of greatness that will give them a competitive edge to be well-rounded and confident in leading effectively in today’s world.

We aim to support young people to grow into inspiring, confident leaders. To grow together, network, and flourish into self assured, bold young adults.

Junior mentors are selected based on their behaviours, attitudes and attributes. Each Junior Mentor has exhibited the qualities to be a role model and inspiration for the younger children with less confidence and experience.

Junior Mentors are approachable to other children and are there to listen and support and may give feedback to the club on players behalf.

We aim for Junior Mentors to be a positive influence displaying the clubs values of Respect to her peers as well as her coaches. Integrity in their behaviours and actions and Innovation though their open mind for learning.

Junior Mentors form a junior committee for young people to have a voice, attend meetings as well as training sessions on behalf of the young people they form a part of.