RIISE Sport & Education
What we do

Work with schools, community groups, local authorities and other grassroots organisations we aim to establish a sustainable, high quality physical education and ‘play’ programme in Doncaster.

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Our programmes are carefully planned to allow children to play for fun, learn skills on and off the field and provide an opportunity to progress into high quality professional coaching structures through partnership and collaborations with the region’s biggest providers.

We provide:

  • Community recreational sports activities
  • Education & Upskilling to increase employability amongst young people
  • Leadership development through training and experience. See Junior Mentors

Partnerships with local authorities in Doncaster, Barnsley and Sheffield see us deliver free and subsidised camps and weekly sessions for young people whilst also providing food and safe spaces for those in most need.


Healthy body and mind


Leaders for today and tomorrow

Active and Interactive

Education & Inclusivity

All of our sessions, lessons and workshops aim to provide the following:
Opportunity to switch off from everyday stresses, a vital necessity for good mental health.
Increased employability through formal and informal training and development through hands on experience
Develop attributes such as teamwork, cooperation, communication, discipline and time management
Football is our primary sport as it is a universally loved sport, transcending boundaries and cultures, promoting communication and understanding between people from different countries and ethnicities. Doncaster is a growing and thriving City welcoming people from across the globe into it’s communities. Sport is the greatest ice breaker we have to support with integration and understanding of people from different cultures and communities.